I had worked long and hard on a big blog post, but developments bypassed it. I hope that I will have the opportunity to return to it.

I spend significant time looking at sabre matches on Youtube, in order to become better at refereeing that weapon. The combination of the ever-present RoW decisions and the comparatively few competitions in sabre here in Sweden makes it necessary for me to hone my craft in this way.

My most recently viewed match was this women´s cadet team final. This match is a veritable collection of examples of how important the mental aspects of fencing are – I strongly recommend the readers to look at it in order to identify them all. There are several large rallies in the match – France starts out by taking a good lead, 12-4 at one point .Hungary responds and takes the lead a few bouts later, The teams are fairly evenly scored after that, after some good French sabre fencing. In the last bout, France takes the lead to 44-42, drops it to 44-44, but manages to win 45-44 with a priority call. Quite the nailbiter!

Look at it, and post your comments below1