First off: This blog post is about this website, not fencing per se. You have been notified.

That said: I have been spending a significant amount of time recently thinking about what this website should look like. I have looked at quite a few websites for comparison, and I have also googled what others have said on the matter. I have come across the suggestion to try to find websites that give me the impression: “That looks like something I would feel good about!”. I have also seen suggestions along this line: “Try to find out what your readers like, and what appeals to them!”.

Problem is that it is quite possible that those two exhortations are to a significant degree incompatible. I will touch upon the former first, so that you can see why the latter is at least as, and probably more, important.

My preferences are mostly along the lines of what I do not like, not what I like. Having multiple artistically talented people among my close relatives, I have been exposed to visual art a good deal more than I would have been had my exposure been solely due to me seeking it out due to my own motivation. I think that I can recognize good visual art fairly well, if not for other reasons due to significant experience – but what other people describe as their emotional response to art that they consider good seems to be quite a bit stronger than mine, if their descriptions of their experiences are to be trusted. (I was the kind of kid who, in primary school, found art classes the most boring class of them all, and I would have been delighted if they would have been an elective class.) Visual material is to me mainly something that explains topics that are much easier to convey in pictures than in words, and something that can be used to set my stuff aside from the general stream of impressions that every reader of websites experiences every day – something that is easily remembered.

To that end, I asked my elder son to draw a picture of two fencers, a picture that shows a situation that would only arise after one fencer had thought his fencing tactics through, in keeping with the primary topic of the website. I think that he did a really good job of it, and that picture has now replaced the solid block of green background that I previously had on the front page of the website. You have no doubt noticed that the fencer´s masks and feet have been chopped off. That is due, as far as I have been able to ascertain, to the fact that the website software makes the picture used in that header fit to a 16:9 format, while the picture that I have is in the 4:3 format. I will get that sorted out as soon as I figure out how, even if it means that I have to learn CSS.

Update as of 2017-10-12: The problem with the front page chopping off parts of the picture has been solved (or kludged, depending on how you see it!) , by making a wider picture and some cropping. It should now look OK on a laptop.

I will also put up more pages in this website apart from the blog posts, but that is a topic for another day.

After all that it is obvious why your input is asked for – after all, a website that you readers do not like due to some visual aspect is not as useful as if it lacked those marring characteristics.

Readers: please state what kind of visual elements you would like to see, and just as importantly, what you do not want to see! Without feedback improvement becomes so much harder!