Fencing tactics

My fencing-related blog. My opinions on tactics and strategy in fencing, mostly epee, and some other fencing topics.

In order to consistently win fencing matches, it is not enough to know how to perform a fencing action – it is also necessary to know which fencing action to perform in any given situation on the piste. The “how” deals with fencing technique, and is dealt with in many other places. The “which”, and its attendant “why” deal with fencing tactics and strategy, two topics that have recieved a bit less written coverage. This blog is mostly about the latter.

I will also write about some other fencing topics: armoury&hardware, organizational issues, and whatever else that interests me.


Tactics and strategy

Which fencing action should be performed in a given situation? Why is that action a good choice? How does one come up with a good choice? Those questions will be adressed here. There are also write-ups of lessons that I have held, for the benefit of my students and anyone else who can apply the take-home results.


In this section, I write on armoury, repair, and related topics.

Organizational topics

In this section, I write about all the stuff during a fencing competition beside the piste, and away from the armoury bench. This is DT-centric stuff.

Miscellaneous topics

In this section I put stuff that does not neatly fit in any of the other headings to the left.

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