Here are the final standings in the three classes: Men’s senior, Women´s senior, and Men´s cadet. All fencers fenced together until the DE stages started, at which point the genders were separated into two DE trees. Men’s seniors and cadets fenced in the same DE tree, and the final standings for the cadets was calculated based on the overall results for men with seniors discounted. Without further ado, here are the final standings:

Women’s senior epee, Colley-Gustafsson Grand Prix 2019:
1. Engla SENNERLIN HOLM FK Chapman
2. Sara LÖFVENBERG Ljungby FK
3. Caroline PERSSON C4 FK

Men’s senior epee, Colley-Gustafsson Grand Prix 2019:
1. Anders ZANDER MF19
2. Henrik NORRMAN MF19
3. Ulf WIKSTRÖM Kalmar FK
4. Gabriel TÄCKENSTRÖM Ystad FK
5. Matthew BOYER LUGI
6. Lennart ÅSTRÖM MF19

Men’s cadet epee, Colley-Gustafsson Grand Prix 2019:

  1. Emil FORSMAN FK Chapman
  2. Caspian PERSSON TÖRN Ystad FK
  4. Leon HOFLING C4 FK
  5. Albin HOLMBERG Ljungby FK

Next blog post: a description of the first stage of the competition, the initial ranking matches before the first poule round.