My club has just hosted the second annual version of the Colley Gustafsson Grand Prix. I am only now coming down from the endorphin rush. Some thoughts, not in any specific order:

  1. The competition system produces nailbiters by the boatload. More on that in a more detailed statistical analysis in a separate post.
  2. We will change how matches in the QUICK stage of the competition are allocated to pistes, in order to lessen running around.
  3. With the Page-McIntyre system for the final four, it is possible for someone to lose a semifinal and still win the entire event. That happened in this competition in the women’s event. Quite the redemption story potential there!
  4. No one went undefeated through the competition, and only one competitor did not score a win.
  5. Artwork as medals are quite a bit more memorable than the usual medals.

I am most honored to have something named after me – that is not something that most people get to experience. The competition bears my – and Wesley’s – name, but it could not have come to pass without a lot of work and support from many others. I wish to thank:

  • Wesley Colley, who came up with the calculation method that converts match results into an encompassing ranking,
  • Lennart Åström, who has shepherded the idea through the South Swedish Fencing Federation, and been a fantastic sounding board,
  • Jens Harborn, who is an Excel wizard extraordinaire, and who has created the excel program that makes the competition format runnable in real time. He has also done so without any own background in the sport.
  • My club C4 FK, and its officers, who have done the lion’s share of all grunt work needed to get a competition off the ground. My fellow board members did more of that than I did!
  • South Swedish Fencing Federation (including its members and officers), for believing in me, my idea, and supporting the competition financially
  •  MF19 Fencing club, who hosted the inaugural event, filled it with the bulk of the competitors, and did lots of stuff so that we could run the system, and in the process find a few points that should be improved upon in the alpha version. They also loaned us 4 complete piste setups!
  • Everyone in Swedish fencing who has been willing to listen to my incessant talk about better competition systems,
  • The competitors and their parents, without which there would have not been any competition, and who trusted my new competition format and showed that by spending an entire saturday at the event,
  • My family, that has put up with me spending long night hours running simulations and whatnot
  • My son Johan Gustafsson, who for both years has made sculptures and artwork, to be used as medals

I will be going over the competition results, statistics concerning it, and related issues in a series of following blog posts.